The most nimble and adaptive rostering software on the planet.

We tailor your schedules to fit the specific needs of each department, site, and area without complicating your life.

We give you your time back – it’s our mission.

Easy, fair, and transparent schedule creation, shift trades, and request management.

Increase Satisfaction.
Adapts to your changing needs, with easy modifications.

Custom templates, counters, and rules advisor help you make your schedule

Custom reports based on any metrics, to any level of detail.

Accessible from any device.
SMS and email alerts.

Supports you. When others drive you crazy, we’ve got your back.

Client Testimonials

"Core Schedule has been invaluable in managing our roster and was customised in several ways to provide functions we needed. This is the best rostering solution we have ever used or seen."Andre Cromhout, FACEM. Director Dept of EM. Wellington, NZ.
"We introduced Core Schedule in 2012. It was one of the best things we have ever done to improve the department's satisfaction with scheduling. The ease of scheduling, viewability, and the flexibility for the staff was exactly what they were looking for. As a site administrator, I have the added pleasure of working with the Core Schedule team and find their customer service and real-time help superb!"Lindsay M. Slaybaugh BSN, RN. Nurse Manager, Emergency Department, St Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT
"Bringing Core Schedule to my department has been one of the best decisions I made. Core Schedule has been instrumental in helping me improve the function of our schedule. We are now able to use one site to manage all of the department scheduling needs such as staff schedules, vacation requests, sick time, scheduling reports, and staffing sheets. Implementing Core Schedule in my ER has been life changing and I can't recommend Core Schedule enough!"Diana Giasullo, MSN, RN. Emergency Services Clinical Manager. Griffin Hospital, Derby CT.

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